Tarot & Oracle Illustration Project

I am currently working on illustrating a RWS format Tarot deck and an Oracle deck. The tentative names for them are The Truth Seeker Tarot and Poison Eater Oracle.

Tarot Concept Art

Note that the Minor Arcana will follow this style and but the Major Arcana will be different. I am still working on concept art for the Major Arcana.
Ace of Cups

When your cup of life is so full that it is overflowing.

Ace of Pentacles

Watch as your garden of prosperity flourishes.


Ace of Swords

One mind to rule them all and one mind to bind them! …. Or less fancifully : Mind Over Matter


Ace of Wands

He who has the biggest stick and the strongest flame, may be a matter of perspective.


The Fool

How foolish are you? How foolish are we? Maybe we are all fools in a lunatic’s dance.
(This is an idea from 2014, my deck will have a different theme to the Major Arcana. This Fool Card will not be in the Truth Seeker Tarot)

Poison Eater Oracle Concept Art

Scraps of Truth

Delicate yet strong and poignant.


I can not hold it in anymore.

The Eye of the Storm

Patching up Holes
Can you cover up all the holes in me or do I have to take care of them myself?
The water still flows between my hands.